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The multi-award winning MP3 digital audio system for children - a powerful learning tool to make listening easy and help your children to develop their language, communication, listening and literacy skills.

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Now your children can listen or record anywhere, indoors or outside, using the StoryPhones MP3 system.
StoryPhones has moved...

OPSOL UK Ltd, the contract electronic manufacturer that has manufactured and distributed the StoryPhones product for the last three years now fully owns the Storyphone products. You are able to buy players and systems NOW!. Please continue to use the StoryPhones email address to get in touch but take note of the new phone number.

T: 01670 590646
E: sales@storyphones.co.uk

Meet the new owners of StoryPhones...

StoryPhones is the first MP3 audio system for schools created by a teacher and designed, developed and built in the UK.

StoryPhones is produced by Opsol UK Limited. Tel: 01670 590 646 E: sales@storyphones.co.uk